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We all love our scooters in Bermuda. But they can't go everywhere on our small, scenic island! To discover some of Bermuda's most treasured natural wonders, hiking, running or cycling are the way to go. Streets and off-road paths are abundant throughout the island, inviting hikers, joggers, runners and cyclists to actively explore. Just remember, in Bermuda a "bike" is a motorized scooter! So at rental shops, ask for "pedal bikes" and you'll be off and rolling.

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

Cooper's Island, located at the southeastern tip of Bermuda, is home to a quiet and unspoiled nature reserve with extensive walking trails, stunning views of Castle Harbour and access to several beautiful public beaches, including Turtle Beach and the very popular Clearwater Beach at Annie's Bay.
This serene, wooded reserve is a very special destination, perfect for a day of hiking, swimming, picnicking, bird watching, snorkeling-and turtle spotting.
Until 1995, Cooper's Island was a restricted area, occupied for years by the US military and later used as a NASA space tracking station. Today, most of the island is open to the public and the 12-acre nature reserve, part of the Bermuda national park system, is under active restoration.
Highlights of the Cooper's Island Nature Reserve include a restored pond and salt marsh area, complete with a boardwalk. Meander through the salt marsh, keeping your eyes peeled for killifish, giant land crabs, and seabirds like herons, egrets and kingfishers.
The Wildlife Observation Tower at the far end of the peninsula offers spectacular views of the Bermuda coastline-a great place to spot whales and migratory birds.
For a 360 degree look at the view from the tower, visit the Bermuda Department of Conservation website.
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Bermuda Arboretum

If you're into flora, fauna and fitness, this national park is for you. The Bermuda is a spacious, 22-acre expanse of wildflower meadows and forests, with walking trails that feature 20 exercise stations along the path. The park, with its wide-open spaces and rich variety of natural habitats, attracts walkers, runners, picnickers and birdwatchers.
The Arboretum is located in Devonshire on inland property now managed by Bermuda's Department of Agriculture. The park was first established with horticultural specimens from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, sent by Queen Elizabeth II, as well as saplings obtained from Japan, New Guinea and Canada.
Walking through the Arboretum today you'll see cedars, flowing golden acacias, exotic rubber trees, black ebony and avocado trees. Distinct sections of the park include wildflower meadows, a large collection of conifer trees, cherry forests, and Bermuda and Chinese Fan palms. The Arboretum is also a noted bird sanctuary, home to cardinals, rare bluebirds, white-eyed vireo, and kiskadees.
As you walk, look for a picturesque Bermuda cedar bridge that crosses over small pools leading further into the park. Admission to the Arboretum is free.
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Bermuda Lectures & Tours Walking Experiences

Land Sports > Hikes and Walks
Enjoy Bermuda as it should be enjoyed, on foot getting to feel, smell and touch the real Bermuda. Guided walks lasting 1-3 hours are the norm offered by keen hiker and naturalist Tim Rogers. Walks are his way of offering you a walking classroom as you hike on trails, tribe roads and through nature reserves and parks and learn about the Island's unique architecture, history and natural flora, fauna and geology. So, whether it's a walk on the Bermuda Railway Trail or along a dune path taking in the sights and sounds of our shoreline, you will leave informed, refreshed and maybe even a little fitter! Walks are private tours for couples, families or small groups and must be pre-arranged
P.O. Box SN 524
Southampton Parish (West End)
Tel: 441 238 0344

The Walking Club of Bermuda

Land Sports > Hikes and Walks
Our island Walking Club is happy to have visitors join in their daily hikes. Here is what we have in store: 10-11KM / 6-7MI walks with cut-off points for every walk (routes change each week) Free juice and water provided at the end of each walk. T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts available for sale
3 Old Rectory Lane
Pembroke Parish (Central)
Tel: 441 295 9428
Tel2: 441 236 6034
Laura Gorham President of the Walking Club of Bermuda

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